Bottle preforms and PET/HDPE/PP bottle
Bottle packaging, commonly used in the market for injection blown and extrusion blown processes, includes PET, HDPE, and PP materials. The bottle packaging of injection blown and extrusion blown processes was initially mainly used for beverages such as cola, mineral water, and distilled water. Its excellent performance and reasonable price have gained widespread popularity among users. Based on the successful application of these beverage packaging, in recent years, bottles have been expanded in the application of heat-resistant bottled beverages such as black tea, green tea, fruit juice, edible oil, cosmetics, daily chemical products, medicine, pesticides, and other industries.

PET bottle
Product features:
High-end cup type, with IML inner label technology, is convenient for printing different series of products and suitable for disposable plastic containers such as various drinks.High-end cup type, the use of blow molding process, can be matched with bottle body adhesive paste, suitable for all kinds of drinks and other disposable plastic containers.
Specifications: Diameter 29.2mm, height 155.6mm, width 80.5mm, thickness 45.0mm, full mouth capacity 340.0ml, weight 29.1g
Specification: cup outer diameter of 90mm, cup inner diameter of 86mm, cup bottom diameter of 56.5mm, height of 178mm, wall thickness of 0.6mm, weight of 23.5g
Attributes: beverage packaging, disposable plastic containers
Applicable items: coffee, milk tea, juice, beverage

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