About Us
Leading Packaging Technologies
acme Group entered plastic industry since 1997 focusing on the sales and technical service for SHINI auxiliary equipment initially, and then Sumitomo-Demag high performance injection molding machines, after that becoming to involve in the design and manufacture of high-precise molds and tooling. Having long experience in the system integration, acme became to provide system total solutions for the worldwide customers.
We are dedicated to create solutions in plastic Packaging for our customers. In order to achieve our goals our company comprises:

100,000 Class Clean Room
More than 20 injection molding machines
As a member of the acme group, acmepak is a professional supplier of plastic packaging products and services for both domestic and global customers. Through the integrated resources within the group, thin-wall multi-cavity molding technology is one of acmepak’s highlight. Our main services are: a providing customized OEM and ODM services, and supplying professional packaging in food, medical and cosmetic plastic packaging products,all efforts are aim to meet customers demands.

acmepak is located in Jinshan Dist. in Shanghai, with a great national network of sales and services across China.

Best Partner of Plastic Packaging
Customized Solution
Thanks to its abounding resource in plastic packaging field, acmepak promises to provide best OEM and ODM total solution to our customers.
Excellent Technology and Equipment
Any demand about packaging will be be provided via a total solution that includes professional knowledge and abounding experience in plastic packaging production.
Riskless Production Guaranteed
Since perfect packaging is a tough task, acmepak guarantees riskless production by top equipment and technology. We have machinery ready for production and 100,000 class cleanroom inside our factory which prevent all risks with your product.
Our Clients
Honors and Certificates
acmepak owns a 100,000 Class Clean Room with strict food safety standards. We pay particular attention to the process management and quality control and our operation process meet the requirements of ISO9001:2008. We also applied QS, HACCP , SEDEX and FDA etc. certificates.

Marketing Posts
acmepak located in Shanghai of China. We have successfully sales records in South-east Asia, Australia and Middle East, but haven’t yet established formal sales and service network outside China. Our main target market is Asia but will keep extending our network to other part of the world.