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acmepak, subordinated to acme Group, relaying on its advantage of integrated system resources, producing all kinds of Innovative Injection Molding Products, IML High-end Packaging Products, Plastic Thin-wall Containers, Plastic Cutlery, Plastic Injection Packaging Products.

Technologies at acmepak

From Design to Mass Production
  • IML
  • High-speed thin-wall packaging
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Innovative injection molding for packaging
  • High-speed & high-end injection molding machines
  • Multi-cavity molds
  • Automated takeout equipment
  • Auxiliary equipment
Mold Technology
acmepak has developed and manufactured highprecision injection molds for 8-cavity coffee cap, 700ml ultra-thin cup, and etc. We also aim for shortcycle time, smooth operation, and high & stable speed during whole injection molding process.
High Standard Detection
Quality is always the first priority of acmepak. Therefore the strict quality control (QC) policy is applied on a regular basis to ensure the product quality. Customers are all guaranteed to receive the best quality and service from us.
100,000 Class Cleanroom
The 100,000 class cleanroom with a total area of 2,200 square meters is built to meet the sanitary safety of packaging in food, medical, and cosmetics. Meanwhile, an air shower tunnel is perticularly designed for faculty and inventory respectively. A great platform of plastic packaging products is offered by acmepak from here.

More than 20 high-performance injection molding systems are installed within our 3 injection prefectures including injection molding machines from Sumitomo Demag.
Preview Real Product
As a pioneer of packaging, acmepak offers the Preview Real Product that offers customers to preview the real product by low-cost pilot production.
Preview Real Product aims to make real products in the initial phase, thus customers will be guaranteed with sufficient time and lower risks.

Our Technologies

Acmepak possesses "Mold Making Factory", "Checkout Equipments" and "Clean Room".

Company Profile

ACMEPAK, subordinated to ACME Group, relaying on its advantage of integrated system resources, producing all kinds of thin-walled and multi-cavity plastic packing products for foods, medical and cosmetics.
Company Profile