Innovative products

TD700ml cup
Yogurt,butter,cream,coffee, jelly,jam,source.

Folding jam box-
Specifications: 130ml

Biscuit, Chocolate, sweats, nuts, popcorn, meat, soup etc.

French fries cup_

Product features:
Anti - theft patent products, can be widely used in the design of paper, application of IML mold labeling technology, more sophisticated. Suitable for all kinds of fast food.
Specification: box -- length: 188.0mm, width: 127.0mm, height: 65mm, wall thickness: 0.5mm, capacity: 1000ml material PP.
Cover - length: 185.4mm, width: 124.4mm, height: 6.50mm, wall thickness: 0.5mm, material PP.
Properties: food packaging, disposable plastic containers.
Applicable items: fast food, fast food, salad, fruit, biscuit, chocolate, candy, popcorn, nut and other food industry.It is specially designed for catering food, snacks and sauces. Products that cannot be used in one time may be sealed and stored.

So this series of products, most of them have a cover design, easy to seal the whole preservation, suitable for all kinds of meals, dried fruit snacks, sauces and other food packaging.

Specification: caliber :107mm caliper :99mm height :70mm weight :14.59g

Attribute: food packaging container

Applicable items: biscuits, chocolate, candy, nuts, butter, etc

Condensing bead box for washing powder
Specifications: 410ml

Biscuit, Chocolate, sweats, nuts, popcorn, meat, soup etc.

複製 - Hb-100 (70 caliber)_

Specifications: 140ml
Yogurt, butter, ice cream, coffee, jelly, jam, source.

EVOH cup-

500ml of yogurt-

Specification: 500ml

Suitable for: cookies, chocolate, sweets, popcorn, nuts, meat, soup, yogurt, etc

UY beauty makeup the cup

UY beauty cup lid

QL- Iron box lid

All kinds of food packaging container cover accessories, quality is strictly tested to ensure the overall closeness, suitable for all kinds of top cover.

Specification: outside diameter length :103.4mm, outside diameter width 58.9mm, height :16mm, weight :6.3g, wall thickness :0.6mm

Properties: Packaging container accessories

Applicable items: packaging containers

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Acmepak possesses "Mold Making Factory", "Checkout Equipments" and "Clean Room".

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ACMEPAK, subordinated to ACME Group, relaying on its advantage of integrated system resources, producing all kinds of thin-walled and multi-cavity plastic packing products for foods, medical and cosmetics.
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