7.5 "PLA disk
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Pure PLA polymer material, 2-5 years in the soil can be microbial degradation, the final formation of carbon dioxide and water. To high-speed thin-wall high-tech technology to build, solve the "very low intensity, easy decomposition, no practical" problem! Perfect presentation of the original style of all kinds of drinks, truly green environmental protection, do not add to the burden of the earth.
Specification: diameter 190mm, bottom diameter 120mm, height 12mm, wall thickness 0.3mm, weight 32.7g
Property: biodegradable disposable plastic plates
Scope of application: air train, high-end disposable catering, hotels, parties, festival supplies.

7.5 inch PLA disc
Dimension Weight Wall thickness Raw material MOQ
Diameter 190mm, height 12mm 32.7g 0.3mm PLA 100,000pcs

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ACMEPAK, subordinated to ACME Group, relaying on its advantage of integrated system resources, producing all kinds of thin-walled and multi-cavity plastic packing products for foods, medical and cosmetics.
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